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Holistic Health Services: One-on-one support in your journey to conceive a baby and to thrive in your pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period, we provide practical tools, holistic approaches and mindfulness classes to EMPOWER your whole body, mind, heart and soul. AND small group custom body-mind sessions.

Love, Inspire and Empower your body, heart, mind, and soul to vibrant health to conceive a baby and grow your family.

Health Coaching/Services

37615 Maitland Block Rd 
Auburn, On N0M1E0 

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1-10 Employees

One-on-one support


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Likes Fertility Love for: Quality

Ina you are so good for my soul, I don’t know what I’d do without you xo

L. – User Experience: New

July, 2019

Likes Fertility Love for: Quality

“Ina has a wealth of information about fertility and cycles and her passion for the subject shines through.”

Laura – User Experience: Regular

July, 2019